Personalise Your Laptop or Tablet with Stickers from TenStickers

Modern technology is as much about style as it is function. No one knows this better than Apple, who create aspirational gear out of premium materials that look and feel fantastic.

Consumers often like to choose a brand and a style that they feel says something about them and some are quite prepared to spend a lot of money to have the latest and greatest to get that sense of ‘exclusive’.

Of course it doesn’t last long and even if you have an expensive MacBook Pro or a shiny iPad Air 2 - it won’t be long before they’re everywhere.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to express some of your individual style with your latest and greatest gadget. Or perhaps you have an aging laptop or tablet that you’d like to breathe new life into? Well, rather than rush out and buying something new, why not wrap your gadget in some high quality stickers.

I first saw TenStickers’ wares in my goodybag from the Blog Awards 2015 and was really pleased when they offered to send me some for review.

The website offers a wide range of stickers for personalising your gadgets and Apple kit is particularly well served.

As I don’t own a MacBook, I decided to try one that could add a little colour to an aging 12” Dell and a second that brought some coolness back to my (slightly scuffed) iPad 3.

Even on these smaller devices, the stickers can be quite large and, in order to avoid air bubbles or creases when applying, I decided to watch one of their guide videos online before applying.

This ‘desktop’ sticker being applied to the Dell is actually made up of ten individual stickers, so I made sure I took my time as each peeled off onto the lid. It’s nice and easy to do, but don’t be tempted to rush it.

The iPad with its aluminium back is likely to be even more bubble prone, but once I was sure it was all nice and clean - this groovy vinyl sticker really refreshed my aging tablet!

So if you have a tablet or laptop that you’d like to inject a personal touch into, without losing the premium design that you’ve already shelled out for - check out and until the end of June 2015, DependentOnGadgets UK based readers can get a 15% discount by entering the code TENSGADGETS at the checkout.

Thanks to TenStickers for the review samples.